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I grew up in Bethpage where I went to elementary school and graduated from Westmoreland High School a long time ago.  I graduated from college in 1994 and taught 3rd grade at Central Elementary School in Lafayette for 13 years before coming to Westside in 2007. My first year at Westside I taught kindergarten then moved back to 3rd grade where I have loved teaching ever since. 

 My family and I still live in Bethpage. I am married and have two children. My husband, Ed, is a firefighter in Hendersonville. My children, Gracie and Eddy, are both grown and have their own families now. I have two sweet granddaughters, Lucy Jo and Frankie Reese who are only seven months apart in age. I look forward to watching these little girls grow up together. 
With children and grandchildren of my own , I understand that life is always busy and there are always things going on. I try to make my classroom a fun and interesting place to come each day. After many years of teaching I still love my job and wouldn't change it for any other career in the world. I find myself learning as much as my students every year. I know we will have a fun year and will learn all kinds of new things from each other!