Standardized Testing Information


                                                         4th Grade  NAEP Parent Information





Macon County School System

2016-17 Testing Schedule



The schedule is subject to change based on unplanned events such as weather or unforeseen issues.



Dates                                                    Assessment to be Given                                     Grades


September 20, 2016                        2nd Grade Pilot                                                                    3


October 22                                          ACT Senior Retake                                                            12

October 26-28                                   2nd Grade Alternate Assessment Pilot                        3rd


December 5-9                                   High School EOC Window                         9-12 (certain courses only)


February 1                                          NAEP (Westside)                                                                4

February 7                                          NAEP (LES)                                                                           4


March 21                                             ACT                                                                                         11


April 19                                                 ACT Make-up Date                                                            11

April 24-May 1                                   High School EOC Window                         9-12 (certain courses only)

April 24-28                                           Grade 2 TNReady Test                                                      2


May 1-5                                                TNReady Achievement                                                    3-8

May 15-19                                           Kindergarten EOY Testing                                                 K


Additionally, each of our schools will be administering various benchmark exams and universal screener tests throughout the school year.  Not all students will be subject to these tests at every testing session.  These school specific tests and dates can be found on the individual school websites.  There are links to each school on our system homepage at .